What We Believe

Our Core Values

We have five core values in youth group which we call our 5 E’s. Everything that we incorporate into our youth group touches on one of these 5 E’s. We endeavour to teach and implement these values to our leaders and our youth!


Extend is our “E” word for evangelism. We have a passion to see students learn how to share their faith with others by sharing testimonies, praying for others, giving prophetic words and words of knowledge, as well as demonstrating the love of God through our actions.


Engage is our “E” word for fellowship. We desire to see students grow in friendship with one another as well as with leaders who are ready to pour their time and energy into students’ lives. Having opportunities to get to know one another and have fun in a safe, non-judgemental environment is an important value in our youth group.


Equip is our “E” word for discipleship. We are not just a youth group that aims to have fun, we want our students to GROW! The equipping process is developed in our teaching time at the large group events, as well as through our Discipleship Classes.


Empower is our “E” word for ministry. Regardless of what age you are, we believe at Living Springs Youth that you are called to be a minister of the gospel. We teach our students how to identify the gifting and calling God has placed on them and then empower them with opportunities to step into those things on a deeper level.


Elevate is our “E” word for worship. We never desire to lose sight of the cross and what Jesus did for us. Our heart is to worship him with our lives, not just during the singing portion of our evening. We believe true worship is demonstrated through both our words and our actions, inside and outside of the four walls of the church building. Our heart is to see students live their lives to glorify God.

Our Purpose Statement

The Living Springs youth group has a mission to be ENGAGED in meaningful connections with other saints, EQUIPPED to go on our journey with Jesus, EMPOWERED to step into our callings, learn to EXTEND the love of Christ to those around us, and ELEVATE Jesus to the number one spot in our hearts and lives.